Lesson #1- Sedinam is Almost 2

Dear Sedinam,

These lessons are not in any particular order. I wanted to do a countdown for your birthday beginning March 1st. These are my lessons and I wanted to share with you.

Capture the moments. Actively listen and watch. Mommy loves photos, so I have thousands of photos from my entire life that I hold dear to me. I have saved photos for by emailing them to your account. I want you to see and learn who you are and where you come from.

These photos are for you. You have met all of your living grandparents, but this day was pretty special for your parental grandmother. She was able to see you the day before you were released from the hospital. It was her birthday.

The other photo was of Mother’s Day 2021 and that was the day she found out she had another grandchild by your uncle.

Cherish memories and remember time stamped photos never lie.

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