Lesson #4- Sedinam is Almost 2

Dear Sedi,

My dad always told the guys that were interested in me that, “my daughter will not have a boyfriend until she finishes her four years of college.” Now, while that didn’t happen, I “superseded my expectations” he told me awhile back. He also tells the nurses how proud he is of me. They shared he constantly brags about me.

Despite me walking to the best of my own drum, I followed his advice and those that I respect. I followed Gods order for my life, but I did turn a few wrong paths; hence, I am a single mom who has been placed in the legal system battling…whatever this is.

Sedi Girl, always walk to your own beat. This will make you happy! Be yourself. You were in the NICU for so long. Everyone called you feisty because you told all of us what you wanted . Nothing has changed. You think you are my boss and Anthony’s boss and while we direct you when you are wrong, we allow you to be you! Don’t change for anyone! And don’t try to force anyone to be in your parade.

Mommy loves you,

Walk to the best of your own drum big girl!

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