How do you unwind after a demanding day?

I’be never been this heavy before. I let go of the weight I got to when I was pregnant with Sedi just to pick a lot of it back up. My life has been all about her; doctor appointments, therapy appointments, quality time, and then of course caring for us. That involves work and school. Her Godmother called me this morning and said, “ …you are the best mom.. all that you do for her and with daily is inspiring.” As she talked I almost felt the need to write her words down.

As of last week, I’ve committed to the fitness center I joined a few months ago. I walk just about daily, and I’ve learned to sit and watch good tv shows. I disconnect from my phone, I have even started putting my phone on “DND” more often and I am just still.

All the stuff that was trying to stress me out, I let it go. I allow Anthony to do more and had to realize he does not matter. She enjoys him and he enjoys her. I’ve taken time to unwind daily by doing what I use to do before Sedi and to do this I’ve allowed people to help me. I unwind by resting! I’ve follow the lead of my boy and my girl. I unwind by resting.

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I have been afforded the ability to accept the many trials, laughs, tribulations that life throws my way and embrace them as much as possible. I am a mom, a lover of life, and person that reflects too much.


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