Perfect Peaceful…

Yesterday a friend sent me a text. It was an IG video and the woman who spoke asked a question. Prior to sharing the question, she shared the background to include, we should ask richer questions to assist with our growth. This made me think of how I was known to many; “she always asks so many questions.” Upon meeting people when I was younger when I would go out with friends, I would ask a billion questions. Early on I had discernment and could read the lies between people. After a few moments with people, I would share with those that I hung out whether we needed to move forward with people because many tell on themselves when you first meet them. But the question was:

Who are you uninterrupted? I responded to her and a summary of my thoughts are, “we need those interruptions.” I look at being uninterrupted as the “virgin” us. I don’t mean virgin in the sense of sex, but in the sense of first entering this world. We are pure, we are naive, we are inexperienced. Those lessons we encounter must happen to push us toward our purpose. The death, the breakups, the manipulations, etc. I reference back to book The Alchemist. Santiago, the main character would not have found his treasure or his power and realized his gift as The Alchemist if the young boy did not guide him wrong, take all of his money at the beginning. He needed those lessons. What I will forever love about this book is he did not change. He did not become bitter. He did not stop helping people. He did not stop believing.

As I think of my life, I feel strongly about every incident, every horror circumstance was needed to make me into the person I am right now. I’ve always known my gift of discernment and my ability to read people. Instead of feeling as if I failed at trusting it or that I have placed myself in a horrible situation, overtime I have taken it to show that I still do not judge. While I truly believe there are devilish people in this world, there are people that will never change for the good, I will not change because of my encounters with them.

This is what perfect peace looks like to me. This is why I needed those interruptions. I needed them to make me believe. So, last night I could not sleep. I have no idea why, but I was up most of the night. My mind was active and I daydreamed as I decided to go take a warm bath. I daydreamed about my future and I felt certain things happening. Prior to taking a bath, I listened to my sermon from Sunday again. As I took the time to apply that sermon to my life, it confirmed my above thoughts. NOTHING that I have gone through has ever set me back! No person, no situation has the power to set me back. Why? Because HE protects me. Do I have my moments of weeping or of feeling sorry for myself? Absolutely but in the grand scheme of things, my life is perfectly peaceful. I am grateful and at peace with everything that continues to happen… #Blessed #Perfectlypeaceful #AtPeaceWithMyPeace

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