Remain True to Self

Too often in relationships, friendships, familyships we escape our true selves. Why? Many of us want to adapt to certain people, situations, etc. Yesterday I received a text from an old colleague. A few days ago she sent me a text out of the blue sharing how I have inspired her, etc. This message stated, “You have inspired me to be a more intentional mom and I can’t thank you enough…I remember what you told me- be intentional with what I want my life to look like.” That came out of my mouth a few days ago. And I meant it. I meant it as a reminder for myself as well.

My entire life has been making intentional moves. Before I even knew what that meant, I did it in high school. I was intentional in college. A friend reminded me that I still graduated on time despite having Anthony my senior year. I was intentional with everything afterward. I was even intentional with relationships; those intimate ones, but…I did what I started off saying I was going to stop; trying to change people or rather not allowing a persons true character to be seen because I was too busy seeing the “good” in people. My true self was on a vacation. She was sipping sweet, fruity drinks, in lala land avoiding every single sign. I can’t say that I she is even a victim here. Are we victims when we have the discernment, but elect not to use it?

As I shared with this former colleague the other day, I failed myself many times, you reading this have failed yourselves many times, and we will continue doing this because we are human. But, we must do our best to live in our authentic being. Who you are, what you like, what you will tolerate should never be compromised.

There are things that I just don’t like. Those things, I will not settle for in no way shape or form. There are things I will compromise just because they will not prevent me from living my authentic life. So, my attorney and I spoke the other day. She opened up with this and reminded me of the goals. Why go back and forth with ignorance? Why go low as Michelle Obama coins, when I can remain high? Why are certain things important? As I spoke to this former colleague, as I prayed over the last few days, such has become more and more clear. Has God ever forsaken me? I laugh as I think of the blessings just from the last two months. Ya’ll my law school loans were all cancelled out! #ButGod! Do you know how much law school is? Only God could have done this! As I look at Sedi and I will finally receive what all tell me. It is because of my love and nurturing that has allowed her to flourish! I receive it in Jesus name! Oh, yes I do! From her walking to babbling, to thriving daily.

Today she went to the door and mimicked what she sees Anthony and I do. She reached up to attempt to open it. I recorded it and sent it to Anthony and asked, “what are we going to do with her?” She is learning who she is. She is learning what to do and she is imitating us. She shows us what she likes. Anthony shared she had a hard time taking a nap the other day, so he rubbed her hair. He said when he stopped, she grabbed his hand to keep doing it. Yesterday, Mother’s Day, he came upstairs to give me a moment to myself and when she saw him, her face lit up, but she wanted him. She has learned to reach out for him, for me, because she is learning what she likes and who she is.

As you continue moving forward in life….Let me speak for me…as I continue moving through life, I am going to remember that the rollercoasters will only last for a bit. They seem to last forever, but they really do not. They seem to break us, but they are just those screams from those crazy, scary dips that we take. The reality is, they don’t last. By the time we get to the next ride, we barely remember much of that other ride. Remember this…I know I am…

I read through many of my blogs over he last few days and I am proud of me. I have encountered #ThisthingCalledLife but I continue to embrace the heck out of!

#electYourPeace #BEYOU

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